Office Size1 to 1011 to 99100+
Monthly Cost per user$30.00$20.00$15.00
Free PhoneY
Minutes of useUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free InstallYYY
PC UserPortalYYY
Android / IOS AppYYY
Fax to Email Numbers123
Voicemail TranscriptionYYY
10 Party Conf Bridge125
CDR – Reports BasicYYY
Add Ons
Hello Text MenuAnnual$200.00Per number
Direct Text LineAnnual$100.00Per number
Call Center Log in/OutAnnual$100.00Per group
Agent coaching/ListenAnnualFREEWith Call Center
Call recordingAnnualContact SalesPer System
Advanced Call DetailAnnualContact SalesPer System
International CallingAnnualContact SalesPer System