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Business-Class Phone Service

Talk and Text from your Computer

With the Sipworxx app, your business phone is no longer tethered to the wall. Talk and text, on your business line, from any computer or smartphone and with Sipworxx you get the very best customer support.

Fully Customizable

All the communication products & services your business needs from phones to custom software.

Custom Logo

We’ll add your logo to your phones home screen. It’s an absolute favorite among our customers.

Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages from your business phone line on your computer or smartphone.

Custom Greetings

Use custom greetings to guide your customers to the appropriate extension.

Visit our features page for a more extensive (always growing) list.

Our Products

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Our Happy Customers

A few of the companies that we’re proud to call our clients.

Causes We Support

The world is a complicated place. Not everyone gets to open their eyes every day to a world without challenges that some of us would never be able to comprehend. For that reason we like to “put our money where our mouth is” as they say and have chosen some causes that we find close to our hearts. We currently donate a portion of our profits to these causes every month in hopes we can make someone’s world a better place.  Our corporation has been fortunate to survive for over 15 years with some great people as employees and clients. We celebrate our health and prosperity by sharing some of what we have with those who need it more. We hope to help bring awareness to these causes and inspire others to do the same. Our children are the most precious gifts we have and the soldiers who protect us and our children are forever in our hearts .

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